Brave the cold to Bust the Budget: Rallies in NSW and Melbourne July 6, 2014.

Rallies have been organised by community groups and Unions in NSW and Victoria.  In Victoria the following organisations have collaborated to support the rally , March Australia, Victorian Council Of Social Services, Get Up, Council of Churches,  Victorian Trades Hall, Environment Victoria, and Friends Of The Earth.

Community organisations have become increasingly concerned about the impact of the budget on already struggling Australians.  A Fair Deal For Women shares these concerns. Universities charging more for courses ,reductions in Family Tax Benefits, taking away income supplements for pensioners and charging $7.00 t per Doctor’s visit are just a few examples of changes that are going to have a negative impact on struggling Australians. And  whilst these changes are going to effect both men and women, women are far more likely to be economically struggling than men. Poverty in Australia 2013 Edition  found that 54% of people living in households below the poverty line were female compared to 46% male.

Below are the links to the rallies in Sydney and Victoria.

Sydney –

Melbourne- hall/

Will you brave the cold for  better budget for all Australians ?


2 thoughts on “Brave the cold to Bust the Budget: Rallies in NSW and Melbourne July 6, 2014.

  1. Margaret Beyer

    I can’t get there but be there for me! This government is an abomination – fat cats all of them. How many people live their lives with a large surplus! Not many. TELL THEM WE WON’T STAND for it.

    1. inthemix Post author

      I chanted slogans loud enough for the both of us. This wont be the last rally I am sure, so hopefully you will be able to get to the next one.


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