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Be more confident but don’t be too pushy. Speak up but not too much. Are you confused? Join the club

Fantastic article from the Women’s Agenda by Catherine Fox.  There is a deep bias that prevent women from being  perceived to be worthy of merit. Read article to learn more.’s+Agenda+List&utm_campaign=87dedd55c9-Women_s_Agenda_


Tony Abbott’s Boys Club an interesting analysis by the Financial review about the new cabinet

Very interesting article talks about the composition of the Abbott Cabinet. Article focuses on what Liberal women are doing and saying about the representation of women in the Abbott Cabinet.

Tony Abbott’s boys club: Australian Financial Review

One women in 20 in the new coalition cabinet has been very disappointing for many women including many within the Liberal Party. The Coalition cabinet also raises issues  such as what is merit and who decides who has merit. Lets keep the conversation going .

See where the major parties stack up according to the Work + Family Policy Roundtable

The Work  + Family Policy Round table  rates the major parties against the Work Care and Family Policy election Benchmarks s issued in March 2013.

Response from Christopher Pyne regarding A Fair Deal for Women’s questions on Economic Security

This response just says that the Liberals will make their policies available in due course but as we did promise to upload all responses we received regarding our questions that we sent to the major  political parties about economic security we decided we needed to make this responses available on our Website and Facebook page.

200813 Ltr from C Pyne