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No Not Equal

Insightful book examining  inequality between men and women.  An easy to read book detailing the history of women’s inequality in Australia whilst also setting out a way forward to enable gender inequality.

Book Cover - No Not Equal!

No Not Equal!  Authors Dr. Dina Bowman and  Ms Yvette Maker

Despite the efforts over the past 150 years to change laws to benefit women, and more lately to change different aspects of society, inequality between men and women remains deeply entrenched. Yes – it’s true many women are now highly educated and financially independent, but many more struggle in low-paid jobs or no jobs, and often with little help to raise their children. It is apparent that men and women continue to allow unconscious bias to govern their beliefs and expectations about gender that shape so many personal and professional decisions. No! Not Equal sets out a way forward to help overcome the economic and social gender inequality in Australia that continues to hamper women’s ability to realise their full potential.

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Older women and homelessness: 7.30 report

The 7.30 report did a great report  last week highlighting how vulnerable women, especially older women are to homelessness. Too many women are homeless. Lack  financial opportunity and unequal pay has its part to pay in rendering women homeless.  View 7.30 Report for more details.

Older women and homelessness

The other gender equality gap Australia needs to talk about

julie bishop g20

So was Gender and the Agenda at the G20 summit. Well a little bit .  The gender wealth is getting worse in Australia.Young single men are getting wealthy whilst young single women are falling further behind.  Read this great article in The  Conversation today (17.11.2014) to read about why and learn about commitments made at the  G20 about addressing the issue .

Closing the gender gap

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study

Plan Australia recently  interviewed 1000  Australian girls and young women ranging from age 14 – 25 the results were disturbing. More than 30% of those interviewed believed it would be easier to achieve their ideal career role if they were male. Read more about Plan Australia’s research and its finding on how attitude towards gender effects young women’s career choices and careers .

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study

Only four parliaments around the world have 50 per cent or more women

Where do women stand around the world when it comes to governance and decision making. Have a squiz at this fantastic info graphic from UN Women. I am sure your response will be like our, I’ts not good enough ,more needs to happen. ‘




The McClure Report: Welfare Review fails to understand Australia’s Labour Market

Women are far more likely to be struggling financially than men and thus more dependent on Government payments. This welfare review by Patrick McClure  is likely  to  have a huge impact on women in receipt of government payments.

A Fair Deal For Women’s very own Veronica Sheen explains why this welfare review fails to understand Australia’s labour market.


National Foundation for Australian Women: Budget 2014 – Women the biggest losers

The National Foundation for Australian Women has applied the gender lens to the 2014 Australian budget. Click link to read how women are going to be affected.