A fair deal for women is the  Inspiration of Dr Veronica Sheen who study and writing revolves around women’s participation in the workforce, older women and labor participation and women’s economic security. Her work brought together other like minded individuals from a wide range of organisations around Australia.

A fair deal for women is a national coalition of community organisations, academics, women’s organisations, business organisations, unions and concerned individuals who want equal opportunity and economic security for women.

  • Women’s primary caring responsibilities and lack of affordable care services shapes  women’s workforce participation (APO 2011)
  • Women continue to earn less than men and are more likely to be engaged in casual and part-time work (EOWA 2012)
  • Women are much more likely to be in casual employment than men: with 25.5% of all female employees are casual compared to 19.7% of male employees. Most workers in Australia who work part-time (54%) work in casual employment. Just over 30% of casual employees work full-time hours’ (ACTU 2012:15).
  • Women on average  have a superannuation payout that is a third of the payout for men (Australian Human Rights Commission 2009)

On November  13, 2012   economicSecurity4Women, Brotherhood of St Laurence and WIRE Women’s Information . sponsored the forum  Equal opportunity in an age of insecurity forum  held in Melbourne. An outcome of this forum was the official establishment of a A fair deal for women. 

The coalition steering committee constitutes women from economicSecurity4Women, Brotherhood of St Laurence, WIRE Women’s Information, The ACTU, Melbourne Citymission , WAVE  (Women in Adult and Vocational Education) and Monash University. If you are interested in joining the steering committee please contact us

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