The following links provide background and different perspectives on women, insecure work and economic security. We welcome comments and contributions.

ACTU Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work

Lives on Hold: Unlocking the potential of Australia’s workforce, Report of the Independent Inquiry in to Insecure work in Australia

International Labour Organisation


Brotherhood of St Laurence


Work+ Family Policy Roundtable

The Conversation

The Conversation has published a number of articles by Dr Veronica Sheen one of the founding members of the coalition for a fair deal for women. See links below.

  • Mind the gap
    Veronica Sheen’s article in The Conversation discusses the broad dimensions of women’s employment inequality and why we need to move beyond measures of pay equity to assess women’s progress in the contemporary labour market. The article documents disturbing trends in women’s employment insecurity, unemployment and underemployment.
  • A better future for women
  • Labour in vain

Conference papers

Social risks of precarious work for women


Gender and the contours of precarious employment
Beyond employment


What the statistics say and what you can do to help fix things
Great blog with infographics about gender inequality

ELSIE:Gender related research network

ELSIE aims to raise the profile of gender issues in social research, make these explicit and provide a forum for the discussion of ideas, the development new research and the facilitation of collaboration. ELSIE provides an opportunity for researchers to discuss research interests and recent developments, as well as share information about potential funding opportunities.

ELSIE grew out of a recognition that while much social research is not explicitly about gender, it is often underpinned issues such as the feminisation of poverty, the different effects of economic and social policies on men and women, structural factors leading to different life outcomes and (in)equality.

In September 2012 ELSIE was successful in winning an internal grant from the SISR, which will be used to conduct a review of methodological approaches and literature of longitudinal studies investigating the issues affecting gender equity, particularly women’s economic wellbeing and life outcomes in contemporary Australia. The review will form the basis for a proposed panel study on women’s life outcomes and further research.


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