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Gough Whitlam dies Age 98: Reflections


With the death of Gough Whitlam Australia has been reflecting on Australia’s Whitlam era . Like it or hate it it was a time of great change. Many changes made life better for women and children here are just some of them.

  • Implemented Equal Pay for Women,
  • launched an Inquiry into Education and the Funding of Government and Non-government
  • Schools on a Needs Basis,
  • Abolished Tertiary Education Fees,
  • Established the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS),
  • Increased pensions,
  • Established Medibank (medicare today),
  •  Passed the Family Law Act establishing No-Fault Divorce,
  •  Passed a series of laws banning Racial and Sexual Discrimination,
  • Extended Maternity Leave and Benefits for Single Mothers,
  •  Initiated Australia’s first Federal Legislation on Human Rights, the Environment and Heritage,
  • Established the Legal Aid Office,
  • Established the Prices Justification Tribunal,
  •  Implemented a national employment and training program.

But there is  so much more that happened in just 3 years  The Conversation got several experts to reflect on the Whitlam ‘s life and legacy . Read to learn more


Victorian Election Special WIRE women’s Information Event: How will the major political parties’ election commitments affect women?

To find out  come to WIRE Women’s Information 372 Spencer St, West Melbourne

Date: Thursday 13 November  Time: 10am – 11.30am

Read the flyer to find out more

ES4W Report:School-based strategies actively encouraging girls and young women to explore careers in non-traditional occupations

Economic Security 4 Women ( eS4W)  has released a new report that explores women and girls moving into non- traditional occupations  ion addition to industries and broadening the career options for secondary school options.

Link to report

The Economic Impact on women in disaster affected areas in Australia: Community Forum October 23

Economic Security 4 Women and the National Rural Women’s Coalition are holding a forum on a gendered approach to disaster relieve.

“We know that women do the greater amount of unpaid care work in the family as well as in the community, and that this increases during and after a disaster. We also know that this crowds out the time women have available for paid work. This is during a time when families in particular need extra cash, when the local economies need their workers and when women could be increasingly engaged in rebuilding and post disaster projects . ”

So if this is of interest to you come to the  forum being held on October 23  at Woodlands of Marburg, 174 Seminary Road, Marburg Queensland.

Below link to forum flyer and press release regarding the forum

Invitation – EconomicImpactsDisasterCommunityForumFinal20140920





Out of the mouths of CEO’s: Microsoft CEO says women shouldn’t ask for pay raisers they should trust the system

One thing women have learnt is that the system can not be trusted to deliver fair pay and equal remuneration for women. Women earn 18.2  per cent less than men and have less than half the Superannuation savings. The Daily Life’s Jenna Price has written a fantastic article on the Microsoft CEO ‘s  gender foot in mouth moment .

Dear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: equal pay does not come to those who stand by and wait

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study

Plan Australia recently  interviewed 1000  Australian girls and young women ranging from age 14 – 25 the results were disturbing. More than 30% of those interviewed believed it would be easier to achieve their ideal career role if they were male. Read more about Plan Australia’s research and its finding on how attitude towards gender effects young women’s career choices and careers .

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study