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Bending over Backwards, Rebecca Huntley tells us how it is

Many Mothers will relate to this Age article by Rebecca Huntley. The article talks very frankly about the pull to be  the best possible mother as well as the pull  to support the family financially. A priority conflict that far fewer Fathers face than Mothers. All further complicated by gender inequity in the workforce.  Statistics at the end of the article just scary. This is a must read article.





Only four parliaments around the world have 50 per cent or more women

Where do women stand around the world when it comes to governance and decision making. Have a squiz at this fantastic info graphic from UN Women. I am sure your response will be like our, I’ts not good enough ,more needs to happen. ‘




The McClure Report: Welfare Review fails to understand Australia’s Labour Market

Women are far more likely to be struggling financially than men and thus more dependent on Government payments. This welfare review by Patrick McClure  is likely  to  have a huge impact on women in receipt of government payments.

A Fair Deal For Women’s very own Veronica Sheen explains why this welfare review fails to understand Australia’s labour market.