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From International Language to Local Action An introduction to the Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Human Rights Treaty System

This Convention is  presented by the National Women’s Alliances and is  being held on  27 February 2014.

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From International Language to Local Action Invitation



Women and Money Survey:

Have you got 15 minute to complete a  public survey open to all women.

RMIT is undertaking research which is exploring  :

  • How are household budgets being organised today?
  •  Who is taking responsibility for paying the bills and other regular expenses?
  •  How are ‘big’ financial decisions made?
  • Do Australian women know how much superannuation they will have when they retire?

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Let’s not pretend the ‘bad decisions’ of women are to blame for the gap in super balances

Fantastic article by  Richard Denniss in Women’s Agenda on Superannuation and women and why women decision making is not to blame for the gender gap.