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Why we have too few women leaders : A TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg

This TED talk is a couple years old now but still worth a listen. COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg  after giving this talk wrote ‘Lean In’  a best seller discussing women and the workforce. Sheryl in her book and TED talk acknowledges  the cultural bias against women and the sexism they confront in the workforce particularly when they take up leadership position.    Her answer  challenge the  gender bias by talking about it openly  and acting in deviance  of the guilt, social norms and family/ community expectations  that can hold women back.

Click link below to watch the TED talk




The Sydney Morning Herald October 25: Some men ‘fear competing with women

Leading chief executives have conceded that many Australian companies have a problem with women in senior roles, saying some men “fear having to compete with women”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/some-men-fear-competing-with-women-20131025-2w5i8.html#ixzz2iuvoQgpS

From ProBono News: Removing Unconscious Bias – A Workplace imperative

Organisations need to work harder to address their work practices and remove ‘unconscious bias’ against women employees, according to Westpac’s Chief Executive of Australian Financial Services, Brian Hartzer.

– See more at: http://www.probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2013/10/removing-%E2%80%98unconscious-bias%E2%80%99-workplace-imperative#sthash.5EpBSHcn.dpuf




Richmond appoints AFL’s first female club president

Congratulations to Peggy O’Neal’s FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of an AFL Club . Another glass ceiling broken
Richmond appoints AFL’s first female club president
Lawyer Peggy O’Neal has become the first female president in AFL history, taking over the reins at Richmond in a surprise announcement on Thursday

Be more confident but don’t be too pushy. Speak up but not too much. Are you confused? Join the club

Fantastic article from the Women’s Agenda by Catherine Fox.  There is a deep bias that prevent women from being  perceived to be worthy of merit. Read article to learn more.


Tony Abbott’s boys club: Australian Financial Review

One women in 20 in the new coalition cabinet has been very disappointing for many women including many within the Liberal Party. The Coalition cabinet also raises issues  such as what is merit and who decides who has merit. Lets keep the conversation going .


It’s not just family that holds us back, senior women bureaucrats say

Interesting article published in the The Conversation. Study says it is not just family responsibilities that holds women’s career back, sexism towards women in management roles is also a barrier.