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Bending over Backwards, Rebecca Huntley tells us how it is

Many Mothers will relate to this Age article by Rebecca Huntley. The article talks very frankly about the pull to be  the best possible mother as well as the pull  to support the family financially. A priority conflict that far fewer Fathers face than Mothers. All further complicated by gender inequity in the workforce.  Statistics at the end of the article just scary. This is a must read article.







The Sydney Morning Herald October 25: Some men ‘fear competing with women

Leading chief executives have conceded that many Australian companies have a problem with women in senior roles, saying some men “fear having to compete with women”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/some-men-fear-competing-with-women-20131025-2w5i8.html#ixzz2iuvoQgpS

The ABS Stats are in : More women than men in less secure jobs

More women than men in Australia continue to work in jobs that provide less security and stability, according to a new report released today by the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

This week’s release of Gender Indicators, Australia brings together a variety of ABS and non-ABS data to look at the differences between men and women, and how these differences are changing over time.

For more details click the link to the ABS press release


Make your vote count: Responses from the major political parties regarding women & economic security issues

Updated 25 August 2013. Response from Greens. See below for more detail.


A Fair Deal For Women has asked  the major political parties what policies they propose to tackle on a range of vital issues for women’s economic and employment security. Our main areas of concern relate to:

  • Support for women to obtain and keep decent jobs
  • Access to quality education and training
  • Improvements to income support especially for unemployed people and sole parents
  • Measures to improve the gender pay gap
  • Review of marginal tax rates to increase women’s labour force participation
  • Measures to improve women’s superannuation in retirement
  • Collection of data disaggregated by gender and impact assessments of policies on women
  • Comprehensive review of child care

The Australian Labor Party  and the Greens have provided its response to our questions. Click link to see their responses A Fair Deal for Women ALP response   A Fair Deal for Women_response_23.8.13Greens

To date no response has been received from the Liberal Party but we will post their response on our website and Facebook page when and if they make a response.

Women’s Agenda article: Minister for Early Childhood and Childcare, Kate Ellis about affordability and accessibility of childcare.

Georgina Dent speaks to Minister for Early Childhood and Childcare, Kate Ellis about affordability and accessibility of childcare.

Federal Government to spend 450 million on improving after hours school care

For many women decent work also means finding suitable after hours school care for their children.  Child care is an important plank in any strategy to tackle economic security for women.




2013 Equal Pay Day: Spotlight on pay equity for women in small business, Sydney September 4

Your invited:

2013 Equal Pay Day: Spotlight on pay equity for women in small business
Hosted by Women & Work Research Group with economic Security4Women
4pm for 4.30 pm start – 6.30pm
Wednesday 4th September 2013
Darlington Centre, Sydney University

Read flyer for more information