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Westpac’s Gail Kelly retires and now it’s even lonelier for the few women at the top : The Age

For so long Gail Kelly has been a symbol of what a successful woman looks like in the finance and banking sector. She is a  symbol and a beacon of hope to many. The question should not be which woman will take her place but how many women should take their place at the top. There needs to be more room at the top for women one spot was not, and will never be  good enough.



Women in Leadership: In his Own Words a report by Ernst & Young

As Australia’s progress towards gender equity in the workplace slows, prominent male leaders from the public and private sectors speak candidly about why gender equity is a national imperative, why diversity initiatives alone aren’t working – and the changes Australia needs to embrace for everyone’s benefit. So what do you think? 

 Read report http://www.ey.com/AU/en/About-us/Our-people-and-culture/Diversity-and-inclusiveness/EY-women-in-leadership-report-in-his-own-words

From ProBono News: Removing Unconscious Bias – A Workplace imperative

Organisations need to work harder to address their work practices and remove ‘unconscious bias’ against women employees, according to Westpac’s Chief Executive of Australian Financial Services, Brian Hartzer.

– See more at: http://www.probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2013/10/removing-%E2%80%98unconscious-bias%E2%80%99-workplace-imperative#sthash.5EpBSHcn.dpuf




Daily Life: Do you have a sexually transmitted debt?

Many Women face  poverty as a result of financial abuse by an intimate partner. For women to achieve economic security financial abuse by intimate partners need to be exposed and addressed. Director of Westpac Women’s Markets Larke Riemer tells us why women should always be on a lookout for STDs.