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Victoria to have 50% of women on Government appointed Boards

Great work by the Victorian Government.  There is no  justifiable reason why women are not equally represented on Boards.

Daniel Andrews Board quotas and myths of insufficient women


The other gender equality gap Australia needs to talk about

julie bishop g20

So was Gender and the Agenda at the G20 summit. Well a little bit .  The gender wealth is getting worse in Australia.Young single men are getting wealthy whilst young single women are falling further behind.  Read this great article in The  Conversation today (17.11.2014) to read about why and learn about commitments made at the  G20 about addressing the issue .

Closing the gender gap

Abbott’s paid parental leave will do little to bring women to the workforce

Is paid parental leave the best way to support women with children in the workplace?  Greg Jericho’s article posted in The Guardian on March 13 has some wonderful insights.

Abbott’s paid parental leave will do little for women in the workplace

World Economic Forum: Global gender gap report 2013 Australia ranked 24th

 The report measures the size of the gender inequality gap in four areas: economic participation and opportunity-salaries, participation and highly skilled employment; educational attainment—access to basic and higher levels of education; political empowerment—representation in decision-making structures; and Health and survival—life expectancy and sex ratio.

Australia was ranked 24th overall out of 133 participating countries. While this is an improvement of one place since 2012, Australia has slipped 9 places since 2006 when we enjoyed 15th  place ranking. Australia now falls behind countries such as Burundi, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa and Lesotho.

The top ten countries are Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Philippines, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland and Nicaragua.  The  USA is ranked 23rd, Canada 20th, and China 69th.

For more details click the link to the report.


Tony Abbott’s Boys Club an interesting analysis by the Financial review about the new cabinet

Very interesting article talks about the composition of the Abbott Cabinet. Article focuses on what Liberal women are doing and saying about the representation of women in the Abbott Cabinet.


Tony Abbott’s boys club: Australian Financial Review

One women in 20 in the new coalition cabinet has been very disappointing for many women including many within the Liberal Party. The Coalition cabinet also raises issues  such as what is merit and who decides who has merit. Lets keep the conversation going .