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Tanya Plibersek: Why I am a feminist

Now a days if you are a successful woman it goes with the territory that you will be asked if you are a  feminist. There seems to be two responses: 1 My success is proof that discrimination does not exist and women need to stop whinging or 2  my success is despite of the discrimination that women face everyday and I will work to end  that discrimination. Tanya Plibersek  wrote a fantastic opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on why she is a feminist. A great read



Be more confident but don’t be too pushy. Speak up but not too much. Are you confused? Join the club

Fantastic article from the Women’s Agenda by Catherine Fox.  There is a deep bias that prevent women from being  perceived to be worthy of merit. Read article to learn more.


Tony Abbott’s Boys Club an interesting analysis by the Financial review about the new cabinet

Very interesting article talks about the composition of the Abbott Cabinet. Article focuses on what Liberal women are doing and saying about the representation of women in the Abbott Cabinet.