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Older women and homelessness: 7.30 report

The 7.30 report did a great report  last week highlighting how vulnerable women, especially older women are to homelessness. Too many women are homeless. Lack  financial opportunity and unequal pay has its part to pay in rendering women homeless.  View 7.30 Report for more details.

Older women and homelessness


Out of the mouths of CEO’s: Microsoft CEO says women shouldn’t ask for pay raisers they should trust the system

One thing women have learnt is that the system can not be trusted to deliver fair pay and equal remuneration for women. Women earn 18.2  per cent less than men and have less than half the Superannuation savings. The Daily Life’s Jenna Price has written a fantastic article on the Microsoft CEO ‘s  gender foot in mouth moment .

Dear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: equal pay does not come to those who stand by and wait

Women’s Agenda: Women need to work an extra 25 years to match mens’ Super

Yet again another article on women going  into  their old age severely economically disdavantged because they have far less Superannuation  than men. It time to do something about it. Knowing it is happening is not enough.


Women need to work an extra 25 years to match men’s Super