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Abbott budget to leave poorer women worse off

The budget is still being debated in parliament much has happened much is yet to happen.

When this article from the Age was sent to  A Fair Deal for Women this week apart from the link the email contained one word ‘ Disgraceful’.  A Fair Deal for Women can’t disagree with that assessment but you be the judge.   Love to hear what you think about the impact of this budget on women.

Abbott budget leaves women worse off


Bending over Backwards, Rebecca Huntley tells us how it is

Many Mothers will relate to this Age article by Rebecca Huntley. The article talks very frankly about the pull to be  the best possible mother as well as the pull  to support the family financially. A priority conflict that far fewer Fathers face than Mothers. All further complicated by gender inequity in the workforce.  Statistics at the end of the article just scary. This is a must read article.






World Economic Forum: Global gender gap report 2013 Australia ranked 24th

 The report measures the size of the gender inequality gap in four areas: economic participation and opportunity-salaries, participation and highly skilled employment; educational attainment—access to basic and higher levels of education; political empowerment—representation in decision-making structures; and Health and survival—life expectancy and sex ratio.

Australia was ranked 24th overall out of 133 participating countries. While this is an improvement of one place since 2012, Australia has slipped 9 places since 2006 when we enjoyed 15th  place ranking. Australia now falls behind countries such as Burundi, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa and Lesotho.

The top ten countries are Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Philippines, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland and Nicaragua.  The  USA is ranked 23rd, Canada 20th, and China 69th.

For more details click the link to the report.


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See where the major parties stack up according to the Work + Family Policy Roundtable

The Work  + Family Policy Round table  rates the major parties against the Work Care and Family Policy election Benchmarks s issued in March 2013.


Response from Christopher Pyne regarding A Fair Deal for Women’s questions on Economic Security

This response just says that the Liberals will make their policies available in due course but as we did promise to upload all responses we received regarding our questions that we sent to the major  political parties about economic security we decided we needed to make this responses available on our Website and Facebook page.

200813 Ltr from C Pyne