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World Economic Forum: Global gender gap report 2013 Australia ranked 24th

 The report measures the size of the gender inequality gap in four areas: economic participation and opportunity-salaries, participation and highly skilled employment; educational attainment—access to basic and higher levels of education; political empowerment—representation in decision-making structures; and Health and survival—life expectancy and sex ratio.

Australia was ranked 24th overall out of 133 participating countries. While this is an improvement of one place since 2012, Australia has slipped 9 places since 2006 when we enjoyed 15th  place ranking. Australia now falls behind countries such as Burundi, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa and Lesotho.

The top ten countries are Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Philippines, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland and Nicaragua.  The  USA is ranked 23rd, Canada 20th, and China 69th.

For more details click the link to the report.



Make your vote count: Responses from the major political parties regarding women & economic security issues

Updated 25 August 2013. Response from Greens. See below for more detail.


A Fair Deal For Women has asked  the major political parties what policies they propose to tackle on a range of vital issues for women’s economic and employment security. Our main areas of concern relate to:

  • Support for women to obtain and keep decent jobs
  • Access to quality education and training
  • Improvements to income support especially for unemployed people and sole parents
  • Measures to improve the gender pay gap
  • Review of marginal tax rates to increase women’s labour force participation
  • Measures to improve women’s superannuation in retirement
  • Collection of data disaggregated by gender and impact assessments of policies on women
  • Comprehensive review of child care

The Australian Labor Party  and the Greens have provided its response to our questions. Click link to see their responses A Fair Deal for Women ALP response   A Fair Deal for Women_response_23.8.13Greens

To date no response has been received from the Liberal Party but we will post their response on our website and Facebook page when and if they make a response.

Noisy Shoes you are risking death: Take action to help women in Afghanistan


Imagine if you were forbidden to wear shoes that make a noise, or be seen in the window of your own house.

Imagine if your mother was sick, but banned from visiting the hospital, and your sister wasn’t allowed to go to school or university. Imagine seeing your daughter traded into early marriage or slavery as a way to settle a family dispute.

For women and girls in Afghanistan, these horrors were daily life under the rule of the Taliban. To disobey these commands meant beatings, torture or death.

Ask Australian political parties to help ensure that the future is different for Afghan women.

What’s choice got to do with it? Women’s financial disadvantage is not a choice says new report

The financial disadvantage Australian women will face in retirement has nothing to do with whether they have a family, according to new research by The Australia Institute.
The paper What’s choice got to do with it? found that women retire with substantially less savings than men, even if they don’t have children or care for elderly parents and stay in full time work.

To down load this interesting report click the link below.


Bigger than Julia Gillard: The discrimination against women in public life and leadership positions


Below is a post from Women’s Health in the North.

A video montage of the sexist and misogynistic comments made about former PM Julia Gillard has been put together. We thought it is a great demonstration to anyone who denies women in public life experience sexist behaviour and different standards because of gender.

We know that gender inequity, stereotypes and sexism are the root causes of Violence Against Women and pay inequity.This needs to be a community conversation to break down gender discrimination and make sure women can participate fully in all aspects of life. It is so much bigger than just one person.


WIRE Women’s Information asking for you to share your story on sexism

For women to have the same economic opportunities as men sexism must be addressed. Follow the links if you want to share your story with WIRE .

Tell us your story! #CallOutSexism

  • When did you first realise that you were treated differently because you are female?
  • What are some ways we can call out sexist behaviour in our daily lives?
  • What have you done that works? Or hasn’t worked?
  • How did your experience make you feel?

Sharing your personal story will encourage others to reflect on their own experiences with sexism. Naming sexism is an important first step. By discussing sexism openly we can better support each other and share ways we can stop violence, abuse and discrimination against women.

WIRE is inviting  all women living in Australia to share their personal story or experience with sexism. #CallOutSexism

In particular when did you first realize you were treated differently because you are female?http://www.wire.org.au/calloutsexism/