Terms of reference

Background to terms of reference

‘A fair deal for women’ Coalition (the FDFW Coalition) is a national coalition of community organisations, academics, women’s organisations, business organisations, unions and individuals that have a commitment to improving women’s access to secure and decently paid work.

The vision

An inclusive Australia where women have equal opportunity and economic security across the life course.

Terms of reference

The FDFW Coalition will focus on activities relating to, women and economic insecurity, in particular activities relating to women and insecure work and access to suitable employment. The FDFW Coalition will:

  • Have a membership open to any organisation or individual that has a demonstrated interest in improving economic security of women, has a commitment to gender equity, supports the Coalition’s vision and is prepared to work collaboratively on improving access to secure and decently paid work.
  • be overseen by a steering committee made up of members.
  • provide information on ongoing campaigns within Australia related to economic insecurity for women.
  • engage with the broader community to inform and mobilise advocacy actions
  • provide resources via the FDFW Coalition website/blog and email list on economic insecurity for women.
  • in consultation with membership advocate for economic security for women through letter writing, public speaking and providing information and resources to the community, policy makers and politicians in relation to economic security for women.

Steering committee

The Steering committee will consist of not less than 3 and up to 6  members

  • This steering committee will include a representative from the auspice organizations (currently the Brotherhood of St Laurence, economic Security for Women (eS4W),  WIRE Women’s Information (Women’s Information Referral Exchange), The ACTU, Melbourne Citymission and Monash University.
  • steering committee nominations will be sought annually from the membership
  • If 6 or less nominate, those nominated will automatically form the steering committee
  • If more than 6 nominate a vote will be conducted via email of all members.  The vote will be conducted by a member that has not nominated for the steering committee.

The steering committee may call for the formation of particular issues working groups that can include other members when the need arises.
Involvement in the FDFW Coalition
Subscribing to the FDFW Coalition e-mail distribution list is open to anyone. To subscribe register your details here.
However all members of the FDFW Coalition must meet the following criteria.

  • have an interest in improving the economic security and status of women.,
  • support the FDFW Coalition’s vision,
  • be prepared to work collaboratively on improving access to secure and decently paid work,
  • have a commitment to gender equity.

The above can be demonstrated in several ways included but not limited to:

  • the organization’s vision and mission statement
  • past campaigns and advocacy work
  • research or papers written that demonstrate a commitment to women ‘s issues and gender equity
  • membership of other like-minded organizations/ campaigns
  • membership of one of the National Women Alliances.

To become a member, an organization or individual must either contact a member of the steering committee directly or register their interest via the FDFW Coalition’s webpage.


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