Gough Whitlam dies Age 98: Reflections


With the death of Gough Whitlam Australia has been reflecting on Australia’s Whitlam era . Like it or hate it it was a time of great change. Many changes made life better for women and children here are just some of them.

  • Implemented Equal Pay for Women,
  • launched an Inquiry into Education and the Funding of Government and Non-government
  • Schools on a Needs Basis,
  • Abolished Tertiary Education Fees,
  • Established the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS),
  • Increased pensions,
  • Established Medibank (medicare today),
  •  Passed the Family Law Act establishing No-Fault Divorce,
  •  Passed a series of laws banning Racial and Sexual Discrimination,
  • Extended Maternity Leave and Benefits for Single Mothers,
  •  Initiated Australia’s first Federal Legislation on Human Rights, the Environment and Heritage,
  • Established the Legal Aid Office,
  • Established the Prices Justification Tribunal,
  •  Implemented a national employment and training program.

But there is  so much more that happened in just 3 years  The Conversation got several experts to reflect on the Whitlam ‘s life and legacy . Read to learn more  https://theconversation.com/gough-whitlams-life-and-legacy-experts-respond-33228


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