COAG report Tracking Equity for women and girls

COAG’s report on equity for women and girls attracted a lot of attention last week in the media.  Not only for not only what it said but what it did not say. John Brumby the Chair of the committee that developed the report described as a  ‘baffling contrast’ when describing the phenomena of  women and girls being in general more highly educated than men but women still lagging behind in pay equity and earning on average 17.5% less than men. Some commentators have described this as not being baffling at all, but a product of the discrimination that women face in the workforce.

Below is a link to the report and to some commentary circulating last week

SMH: COAG reports girls ahead at school but women lag in pay stakes

women starting to fall behind: The Conversation  

Women’s Agenda: Dear Prime Minster COAG says its time to act on Gender inequity

Tracking Equity comparing women and girls across Australia


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