Make your vote count: Responses now in from Labor, Liberals and the Greens

The Australian Labor Party, the Liberals and the Greens have now all  provided their  response to our questions. Click links to see their responses A Fair Deal for Women ALP response   A Fair Deal for Women_response_23.8.13Greens   2013 Coalition Response – A Fair Deal for Women

A Fair Deal For Women has asked  the major political parties what policies they propose to tackle on a range of vital issues for women’s economic and employment security. Our main areas of concern relate to:

  • Support for women to obtain and keep decent jobs
  • Access to quality education and training
  • Improvements to income support especially for unemployed people and sole parents
  • Measures to improve the gender pay gap
  • Review of marginal tax rates to increase women’s labour force participation
  • Measures to improve women’s superannuation in retirement
  • Collection of data disaggregated by gender and impact assessments of policies on women
  • Comprehensive review of child care



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