Make your vote count: Responses from the major political parties regarding women & economic security issues

Updated 25 August 2013. Response from Greens. See below for more detail.


A Fair Deal For Women has asked  the major political parties what policies they propose to tackle on a range of vital issues for women’s economic and employment security. Our main areas of concern relate to:

  • Support for women to obtain and keep decent jobs
  • Access to quality education and training
  • Improvements to income support especially for unemployed people and sole parents
  • Measures to improve the gender pay gap
  • Review of marginal tax rates to increase women’s labour force participation
  • Measures to improve women’s superannuation in retirement
  • Collection of data disaggregated by gender and impact assessments of policies on women
  • Comprehensive review of child care

The Australian Labor Party  and the Greens have provided its response to our questions. Click link to see their responses A Fair Deal for Women ALP response   A Fair Deal for Women_response_23.8.13Greens

To date no response has been received from the Liberal Party but we will post their response on our website and Facebook page when and if they make a response.


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