Wikiprogess on gender policies and indicators

Here is news of a fantastic resource – see links for more detail

Wikiprogress is trying a new idea. We are going to focus our communities and networks on different topics throughout the year. Ahead of the fifty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meeting on 4 March 2013, Wikiprogress will be harnessing ideas and articles on gender policies and indicators.

“Women and girls are subject to inequality not only in the public sphere but also within the private sphere such as within the home and their intimate relationships. Tackling the continuum of inequality in both the public and private spheres is therefore essential to addressing the root causes of gender inequality.

Women’s empowerment is closely related to, but goes beyond, gender equality to cover not just women’s condition relative to men’s, but their power to make choices and their ability to control their own destiny. It must go hand in hand with efforts to address gender inequality. Women should be empowered to make choices and decisions and to use their rights, resources and opportunities. Important elements of women’s empowerment include access to and control over resources, meaningful political participation, the reduction of women’s unpaid care responsibilities, and the ability to have control over their own bodies such as living free from violence and making decisions in relation to fertility.” Achieving Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the Post-2015 Framework, Gender and Development Network, 2013


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