Fifth International Community, Work and Family Conference

The Fifth International Community, Work and Family Conference will take place on 17-19 July 2013 at The University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia.

The conference focuses on how the rapid changes and transitions in society present challenges and opportunities for families, communities and organisations, with a special focus on work, families and communities in a globalising world.

The past decade has seen significant changes in social policy in Australia and the surrounding region, including universal paid maternity leave in Australia and New Zealand; new rights to request flexibility; and changes in industrial law. Changing patterns of immigration, care and work in the Asian region are also of international interest. The conference will bring together social scientists and practitioners from a wide range of countries and disciplines, including emerging industrial nations of the Asia-Pacific region.

More information

Wednesday 1 August 2012  Online call for abstract submission open
Monday 28 February 2013  Deadline extended: Online call for abstract submission close
Friday 8 March 2013  Abstract acceptances to be notified
Friday 5 July 2013  Final paper to be submitted should you wish to make it available on the website

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